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Recently Converted PHEV for Sale.

If you are looking for a unique vehicle that can travel around the city at typically 1.0 litres/100Kms and reach Melbourne from Sydney on one tank, the following may be of interest:

  • Recently converted 2008 Generation two Prius
  • Toyota traction battery replaced by new 10Kwh Lithium pack.
  • Tyres and trim in excellent condition.
  • 112,000 Kms odometer reading.
  • Breakpads near new.
  • Reversing radar.
  • 12 months warranty on PHEV components.
  • Assistance in using the Torque app to display parameters on any Android tablet or phone, including State-of-Charge, battery current, battery voltage, distance to empty etc.
  • Comes with NSW roadworthiness certificate.